Random Thoughts and Observations

Thank God for a mild winter. Hopefully, this spring like weather will continue. I have to keep my fingers crossed.

Dear Jessica: I will miss your company.  You brought me bliss with your fists.  Also, your girlfriends offer sunshine, wisdom and insight.  Actually, they are a pack of cackling jackals. They will keep me company on my way to Hell. I wish you all the freaking luck in the world.

We all need a catalyst to kick-start our day. Caffeine cultivates my craziness, which is essential for survival. Coffee stokes a fire that endures forever.

Metro is the armpit of public transportation. Abandon hope all ye that enter is what I think of each time I take the Red line.  Every day, I take the train ride of shame.

The Metro station managers are indifferent, rude, inconsiderate or belligerent  Some passengers encounter this behavior on a good day. God is the only one that can rescue us.

Until then, Washingtonians tolerate Metro. The only thing commuters have is hope.  Is our hope misplaced? John Milton’s words from Paradise Lost are appropriate .  And rest can never dwell; hope never comes that comes to all: but torture without end.

I need to read more Shakespeare. So far, my favorite play is Henry V. The  story is about King Henry V’s claim to the French throne.The English army defies the odds in the battle of Agincourt.  

The French army outnumbered English troops four to one.  The play is a medieval action story. Henry V solidified his claim to French throne.  In addition, he weds a beautiful French princess. What is not to like about this play?

How much time is lost while waiting in line? The best example of lost time while waiting is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Technology dominates society and enhances productivity.  The DMV is 20 years behind the learning curve. The DMV is where hope ends and dreams die.

Despite my frustration, my community provides a safe haven from angst and frustration. My community transcends geography and embraces my individuality.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Observations

  1. Elizabeth Herman says:

    This piece evokes the compelling drama of Everyman, caught between the mundane and the transcendent. It holds my attention as the reader because of its classical voice as applied to the minutiae of modern urban life. Thanks for continuing to decorate our world. I appreciate this subscription and I’m glad to keep receiving these posts.

  2. Donavan says:


    Thanks for the compliment! I am awe struck with your words. Someday, I want to become a master of the craft (writing and storytelling) like you. In the mean time, I will continue to practice.

  3. Magnet for Foolishness says:

    I don’t know as much about history or literature (or a combination of the two) as you do, but I DO know something about sorry Metro and DMV employees! I stopped taking Metro altogether about a year and a half ago, in part, for the very reasons you point out. Driving to work has its own set of disadvantages (e.g. traffic jams, rude drivers, expensive gas) but I don’t know how I could go back to taking Metro on a regular basis…

  4. Donavan says:

    Hey Sonya,

    I don’t blame you for leaving Metro! Ironically, I rather put up with Meto than the DMV. Regardless, you need a high tolerance for pain for both Metro and DMV.

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